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Iona Faculty Publish and Present Around the World

Amal Alabbad, Ph.D. (Accounting), published a journal article co-authored with M.K. Hassan from the University of New Orleans and I. Saba from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, titled “Can Shariah Board Characteristics Influence Risk-Taking Behavior of Islamic Banks?” in the International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, forthcoming. Dr. Alabbad also presented her research titled “Risk Committees, Bank Regulation, and Bank Risk-Taking,” co-authored with A. Schertler from University of Groningen, Germany, at the 12th International Research Association for Interdisciplinary Studies (RAIS) Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities in Princeton, N.J., in April 2019.

Jeffrey W. Alstete, ’87MBA, ’90MS, Ed.D. (Management, Business Administration & Health Care Management), and Nicholas J. Beutell, Ph.D. (Management, Business Administration and Health Care Management), presented a paper titled “Learning Outcomes in Business Simulation: Comparing On-ground and Online Instructional Formats” at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Eastern Academy of Management in Wilmington, Del., in May 2019.

Zeynep Altinay, Ph.D. (Media & Strategic Communication), with co-author Nekesha Williams, Ph.D., published a journal article titled “Visuals as a Method of Coastal Environmental Communication” in Ocean & Coastal Management.

Galen Barry, Ph.D. (Philosophy), had his grant proposal for teaching philosophy at the new Bronx jail formally nominated by the American Philosophical Association for acceptance as a Whiting Public Engagement Program Grant. Barry’s paper, “Spinoza and the Logical Limits of Mental Representation,” is forthcoming in the Journal of Modern Philosophy. Barry presented his paper “Morally Respectful Listening and its Epistemic Consequences” in March at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Memphis. It is forthcoming in a special issue on the “Epistemology of Justice,” published by The Southern Journal of Philosophy.

Nicholas Beutell, Ph.D. (Management, Business Administration & Health Care Management), is one of the editors of “The Wellbeing of Women in Entrepreneurship: The Global Perspective.” This book shows how women’s entrepreneurship is critical to economic well-being but also to the well-being of women, their families, significant others, children, communities and the world.

George Bournoutian, Ph.D. (History), presented a paper in March 2019 on “Russian Naval Operations in the Caspian Sea (18th-19th Centuries): An Overview” at the international conference The Caspian in the History of Early Modern and Modern Eurasia at Yale University. Scholars from Germany, Russia, UK, Austria and other countries participated in this conference. Bournoutian’s article on “The Establishment of Contemporary in the Armenian State” (in Polish), presented at the conference at Krakow, Poland in September 2018, was published in Polscy Ormianie in 2019.

Jack Breslin, Ph.D. (Media and Strategic Communication), served as a panel moderator and refereed paper session discussant for the Media Ethics Division and Law and Policy Division at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication’s 102nd Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario, in August. Breslin has also had his case study about his publicity work in launching the Fox Broadcasting Company published in Cases in Public Relations Strategy.

Christina Carlson, Ph.D. (English), presented her paper titled “I Dream of Better Role Models for Girls: Shimmer and Shine and the Problem of Reality” at the 49th annual meeting of the Popular Culture Association in Washington, D.C., in April. Carlson presented her paper during a session with Ellen Segarra ’18.

James E. Carpenter, Ed.D. (Mathematics), presented a paper titled “Some Interesting Ideas Concerning Quadratics,” at both the Ten County Mathematics Educators Association 44th Annual One Day Spring Conference and the 60th Annual Hudson Mohawk Valley Area Mathematics Conference. Carpenter also presented a paper, “Area is more than Length Times Width,” at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Diego, Calif., in April.

Nadine Barnett Cosby, Ph.D. (Media & Strategic Communication), contributed two chapters to “Pro Football and the Proliferation of Protest: Anthem Posture in a Divided America” (Lexington Studies in Political Communication), which examines the take-a-knee NFL protests, a trend that has led to deep political divisiveness in America. Cosby wrote the chapters titled “How Social Media Activists and their Hashtags Have Encouraged and Informed Their Followers on the Take-a-Knee Movement” and “The Role of Race in the Perceptions of and Response to the Protests.”

Sr. Kathleen Deignan, Ph.D. (Religious Studies, director of the Iona Spirituality Institute), an internationally recognized Merton scholar, along with Ashley Hubaykah ’16 and Ceire A. Kealty ’18 presented a workshop titled “Practicing Peace: The Beatitudes of Thomas Merton” at the International Thomas Merton Society Conference (ITMS) in Santa Clara, Calif., in June 2019. The ITMS promotes the writings and works of Thomas Merton, an influential religious leader.

Marie Elaine Gioiosa, Ph.D., CPA, MBA (Accounting), and Katherine Kinkela, LLM, JD (Accounting), published a journal article titled “Classroom Exercises with Technology and Communication Skills: Students’ Perceptions” in the Journal of International Education in Business in 2019. Gioiosa and Kinkela also co-authored and published a journal article titled “Active Learning in Accounting Classes with Technology and Communication Skills: A Two-Semester Study of Student Perceptions” in the Journal of Education for Business.

Andrew Griffith, DBA, EA, CPA, CMA, CIA, CFE, CRMA (Accounting), and Candelaria Zepeda ’19 (MBA in General Accounting), co-authored an article titled “The Tax Effect of Per Diem for Individual Taxpayers Subject to DOT ‘Hours of Service’ Rules,” which was published in the June 2019 issue of The TaxStringer, a publication by the New York State Society of CPAs. The article illustrates the current law’s effect on trucking industry employees who lost the per diem deduction on their federal income tax returns, the taxation differences of the two basic compensation models used in the trucking industry and the tax effect for sole proprietors in this industry who are eligible to claim the per diem deduction as part of their business expenses.

Br. Dennis Gunn, Ph.D. (Education), presented a paper titled “‘Tomorrow’s Children’: The Curriculum of Eugenics in American Public High Schools in the Early Twentieth Century” at the Society for the Study of Curriculum History’s annual meeting held in conjunction with the American Educational Research Association in Toronto, Ontario. Gunn also presented to the presidents and principals of all Christian Brothers schools throughout North and South America at their annual meeting held at Iona Prep in New Rochelle in April. The title of the presentation was “Evangelizing Gifts: Celebrating the Generational Charisms of Catholic School Faculties Today.” Gunn presented a paper titled “Commemorating Grief and Hope: Celebrating the Bi-Centennial of the Sisters of Charity in New York at a Time of Decline for Catholic Education” at the Triennial Conference on the History of Women Religious sponsored by the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism at the University of Notre Dame, held at St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Ind., in June 2019.

Christine Hardigree, Ph.D. (Education), presented “‘Your Voices Matter:’ Examining Language Variation within Common Core State Standards Text Exemplars” at the National Conference for the American Association of Applied Linguistics in Atlanta. This project examines linguistic representation and inclusivity among commonly taught texts in schools. Hardigree also presented her work on language representation in the Common Core State Standards exemplar texts at the English Language Arts Teacher Educators national convention in Fayetteville, AR.

Yaliu He, Ph.D. (Marriage and Family Therapy), as a lead author, published a journal article titled “The Systemic Therapy Inventory of Change (STIC) Initial Scales: Are They Sensitive to Change?” in Psychological Assessment. This empirical study is based on an ongoing collaboration with colleagues at Northwestern University that investigates the psychometrics and effectiveness of an online feedback system tracking patients’ psychotherapy progress and outcomes. Dr. He was invited by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy to feature her research in its official magazine, Family Therapy Magazine, which is circulated to more than 25,000 therapists and mental health professionals. As an outcome, her article titled “Providing Parents Treatment Choices for Child Conduct Problems” was published in the May/June issue with the theme of “A Look at Current Systemic Research.”

Amanda Howerton-Fox, Ph.D. (Education), with her school-based colleague Jodi L. Falk, published an article titled “Supporting Families during Program Transition and the Hard Truths of Early Language: What Should We Say to Parents?” in which she describes her recent parent advocacy work in a Bronx school for the deaf. The article appears in Odyssey: New Directions in Deaf Education. Howerton-Fox also published an invited paper in a special edition of the journal Education Sciences. Titled “Deaf Children as ‘English Learners’: The Psycholinguistic Turn in Deaf Education,” the paper presents arguments in support of conceptualizing deaf children as “English Learners,” explores the educational implications of such conceptualizations, and suggests directions for future inquiry.

Lubomir Ivanov, Ph.D. (Computer Science), had two research papers accepted in the top artificial intelligence conference, FLAIRS 2019 and in the premier interdisciplinary digital humanities conference, DH 2019. The two papers present results from Ivanov’s research on the use of prosodic features as stylistic discriminators for authorship attribution of historical texts. The work is a part of the Text Attribution Project of the Institute for Thomas Paine Studies at Iona College, and was supported by a 2018 Gardiner Foundation summer research grant.

Jongwook Kim, Ph.D. (Computer Science), published a research paper titled “Code Transformation Issues in Move-Instance-Method Refactorings,” which was presented at the IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Refactoring (IWoR’19) in Montréal, QC, Canada.

Kisok Kim, Ph.D. (Psychology), co-authored a research paper titled “Generality of Likelihood Ratio Decisions.” This paper has been accepted for publication by Cognition.

Dr. Cathryn Lavery, Ph.D. (graduate coordinator for the MS Program in Criminal Justice), along with Heath Grant, Ph.D. (John Jay College/CUNY), and John DeCarlo, Ph.D. (University of New Haven), had an article titled “An Exploratory Study of Police Officers: Low Compassion Satisfaction & Compassion Fatigue” published by the journal Frontiers in Psychology, January 2019.

Timothy S. Lyle, Ph.D. (English), recently received an advance book contract from NYU Press for his current manuscript co-authored with Dr. Stephen Engel (Politics, Bates College). Tentatively titled “Dignity’s Limits,” the project explores the recent turn toward dignity to advance LGBTQ+ rights claims (forthcoming, Summer 2020). The current long-form project is an extension of their recent law review article about the closures of the NYC bathhouses during the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis, which is published in the Chicago-Kent Law Review(2018).

John Manley, Ph.D. (Finance), has been reappointed as the treasurer of IBEC at the recent conference held in Rouen, France. Manley is the conference chair emeritus of IBEC, which is an international conference of scholars focused on the interactions among business and economics with environmental and social issues. At the annual conference, Manley presented the findings from a recent study developed with Anand Shetty, Ph.D., titled, “An Exploratory Look at an Approach to Completing an Impact Study.” This study was based on the “Economic and Service Impact Report” completed for Iona College and published in January 2015.

Thomas E. Mussio, Ph.D. (Italian), has had his book-length annotated prose translation of Giambattista Marino’s epic poem, “Adone,” published by the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Arizona State University) as part of its Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies series. It is the first complete translation of Marino’s 1623 poem.

Nilofer Naqvi, Ph.D. (Psychology), and two recent graduate students in the psychology program, Danielle Idone ’14, ’19MA, and Annette Angiolillo ’19MA, presented a paper at the Eastern Teaching of Psychology conference Staunton, Virginia titled “The Utility of Teaching Projective Assessments in a Graduate Level Personality Assessment Class.” In July and August, Naqvi travelled with Daniele Martino ’18, ’19MA from Iona College to Tanzania. Naqvi and Martino presented a paper at the International Association on Special Education conference in Lushoto titled “Autism Knowledge Trainings for Teachers in Tanzania – The Mobile Phone Solution” based on Naqvi’s research in the area.

Br. Robert Novak, Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus of Physics and member of the Advancement Department), attended the International Conference on Mars held at the California Institute of Technology in July in Pasadena. Novak was part of a panel discussion on “Methane on Mars.” Novak also gave a presentation titled “Mapping Methane and Water during Northern Mid-Winter and Mid-Summer on Mars.”

Hannah Park, Ph.D. (Fine and Performing Arts), had her paper titled, “Creative Process as a Somatic Practice: A Case Study Exploring the Body and Choreographic Practices,” selected for presentation at the 2019 National Dance Education Annual Conference in Miami, Fla. in October 2019. Park also presented her ongoing creative research on the application of somatic in choreographic processes, titled “Function and Expression: Somatic Improvisation,” in a lecture/demonstration format at the American College Dance Association Northeast Conference at SUNY Brockport. Park presented “Somatic Dance: Creating an Inclusive Community for Children with Learning Disabilities” (lecture/demonstration) at the National Dance Education’s Special Topics Conference 2019 in partnership with International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA) at Gibney Dance, NYC in June. Park presented “Embodied Poetics: Investigating Inner and Outer Expressions through Social Justice Narratives,” (lecture/demonstration), and “Me and Us,” (a co-created choreographic project with an adjunct professor, Allison Pagano) at the Somatic Dance Conference and performance festival at Hobart and William Smith College, Geneva, N.Y., in July. Additionally, Park presented “Spiraling: Journey to Connectedness through Somatic Improvisation,” (Workshop), and “The Heart Space” (a solo choreographic project) at the 2019 Body Mind Centering Association Conference at the University of Santa Barbara, Calif., in August.

Robert Petrausch, Ed.D. (Media & Strategic Communication), a board member of the United Nations Association of Connecticut, presented at the UN speaking about the influence of culture, politics and fake news and its impact on the UN. Petrausch won a best presentation award for his paper “Leveraging High-Stakes Presentations in the Age of Speed” at the Clute International Academic Business Conference in Denver, Colo., in April.

Rasheda Weaver, Ph.D. (Hynes Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation), published a research article titled “Social Enterprise and the Capability Approach: Exploring How Social Enterprises Are Humanizing Business” in the Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing. The article outlines activities entrepreneurs can use to create positive social change in communities.

Bret Sanner, Ph.D. (Management, Business Administration & Health Care Management), won the Best Paper Award for “When Hierarchy Falls Flat: Temporal Changes in Hierarchy and When They Harm Performance” at the Academy of Management Conference, the largest and most prestigious management conference in the world. Sanner also co-authored a paper with K. Evans titled “Deconstructing Information Elaboration: The Critical Role of Framing and Initial Dialogue.”

Michelle Veyvoda, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (Speech Communication Studies), along with Stephane Duret (founder, Kaiser’s Room) and Faith Clarke (founder, Melody of Autism), presented community-engaged research on Kaiser’s Room, a New York City-based organization that provides theater performance opportunities for children on the autism spectrum. The presentation, titled “Join Us: Using Theater, Movement & Music as Tools to Engage Children with Autism,” was attended by speech pathologists and related professionals from around the country. Veyvoda collaborates with Kaiser’s Room to conduct community-engaged research on the impact the organization has on the quality of life of parents whose children participate in its programs. Veyvoda published her study, “Speech-Language Clinicians Working with Profoundly Deaf Children: A Qualitative Study in Context,” in the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education.

Ronald R. Yager, Ph.D. (Information Systems and Business Analytics), published a journal article titled “Entailment for Measure Based Belief Structures” in Information Fusion; an article titled “A Class of Belief Structures Based on Possibility Measures,” in Soft Computing, an article titled “Interval Valued Entropies for Dempster-Shafer Structures” in Knowledge-Based Systems, and a journal article “Generalized Dempster-Shafer structures” in IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems. With co-authors Reformat, M. Z., and To, N. D., Yager published “Drawing on the iPad to Input Fuzzy Sets with an Application to Linguistic Data Science” in Information Sciences: Volume 479. He also published “Extremal Symmetrization of Aggregation Functions,” in Annals of Operations Research 289 with co-authors Mesiar, R. and Stupnanova, A.; and “Selecting an Action to Satisfy Multiple Aspects of a System Based on Uncertain Granular Observations” in Expert Systems with Applications 126 with co-author M. Z., Reformat.

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